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Chrispy Waterpark Resort will remain closed from 1/11/2022 till 31/03/2023
Chrispy Waterpark Resort will remain closed from 1/11/2022 till 31/03/2023
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villages of crete

Villages of Crete

Villages of Crete – where you meet the authentic spirit of the island. Crete is a place that preserves its traditions and culture through the years. An island appreciated for its rich history, the hospitable people and the amazing natural landscapes. Moreover, its beauty and the diversity of the scenery make Crete so special and

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Crete excursions

Crete excursions

Crete excursions – explore the island and experience it like a true local! As the largest island of Greece, Crete offers numerous of activities that make every traveler uncover the uniqueness of the island. Its rich cultural heritage and the scenic landscapes and natural beauties, provide some of the most exciting opportunities for excursions. Moreover,

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family hotel in crete

Family hotel in Crete

Chrispy Waterpark Resort is family hotel in Crete which offers a hospitable stay and unlimited fun for every age. Specifically, our beach resort located in Chania and provides guests with a wide range of fun activities for both children and adults. Whether you prefer to enjoy your favorite drink by the pool or ride our

Best things to do in Crete

Best things to do in Crete

Ever wondered what are some of the best things to do in Crete, the biggest island of Greece? Crete is a wonderful place with numerous worth-visiting sights. It is also a place which holds many secrets waiting to be discovered. Thanks to the various activities that you can do in Crete, it is an ideal

travel to crete

Travel to Crete

Travel to Crete island, the biggest island of Greece and the best holiday destination for all year around. Trust us, upon arriving to the island, you will fall in love with the exotic setting and welcoming atmosphere of locals. Additionally, there is an endless choice of places to visit, things to do, food to try

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