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Beaches in Crete

Are you ready to dive into turquoise waters and explore some of the best beaches in Crete? The island has some of the most popular options across the globe and there is a good reason why! It is surrounded by crystal-clear waters that are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and other water sports. From Elafonisi Beach and Balos Lagoon, to Preveli and Agiofaraggo Beach, the list is only getting longer and you won’t be disappointed.

The island’s beaches are diverse and cater to all tastes and preferences. Whether you are looking for a secluded cove or a vibrant party scene, Crete has it all. Visitors can explore these fantastic places during summertime, when the sun shines bright and the weather is clear. Check out below some nearby recommendations while staying with us.

Elafonisi Beach 53km

Elafonisi Beach is located approximately 53km from Rapaniana Village and is world renowned for its exotic beauty. Specifically, it has been often ranked as one of the prettiest beaches in Europe, and it is certainly one of the top beaches in Crete. Additionally, Elafonisi Beach can be characterized as a tiny Caribbean, thanks to its white and pink sand, (thanks to the broken shells and corals). Take a long walk across the shallow waters and immerse yourself in the beauty of this place.

Balos Lagoon 31.9km

Balos Lagoon is located approximately 32km from Rapaniana Village. It is famous for its turquoise waters, wild natural beauty and exotic scenery. It attracts numerous tourists every summer, thanks to its otherworldly scenery and shallow warm waters. Furthermore, the lagoon, just like many other places in Crete, is protected under the Natura 2000 program, as it houses many rare species of flora and fauna. Accessing Balos Lagoon can be done in 3 different ways: via boat, car or hiking.

Afrata Beach 9.5km

Afrata Beach is located 3.5km north of Kolymvari and about 1km east of Afrata Village. Specifically, it is situated inside a well-protected calm bay which makes it the perfect setting for relaxation. Local residents are really fond of this small beach, mainly due to its serene atmosphere. Additionally, you can find tiny pebbles across the beach so to be careful or make sure to wear suitable shoes during your visit. In case you get hungry, there is a small canteen that serves food and fresh drinks. Afrata Beach is undoubtedly among the loveliest beaches in Crete.

Skotini Beach 13km

Skotini Beach (also known as Dark Beach) is one of the most secluded beaches in Crete. It is located at the exit of the Skotini Gorge and can be reached by walking through the canyon. Moreover, the vegetation and the rocks make every part of the gorge simply unique. If you decide to cross the gorge, you will encounter numerous caves and a couple of wells filled with clean water to satisfy your thirst. Skotini Beach is not an organized beach, so you need to be wary of its unspoiled and wild location before taking a swim.

Menies Beach & Diktinna Archeological site 15km 

Menies Beach is located about 15km from Rodopos Village and is among the most secluded beaches in Crete. IIt is popular for its lovely pebbles, deep crystal blue waters, and serene atmosphere. Additionally, Menies Beach is the perfect place for travelers who seek complete isolation. It is also home to the Diktinna Archeological site which dates back to the Roman empire. In order to reach this place, visitors can either drive down a long road or take a small boat from Platanias harbor.


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