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Afrata beach 9.5km

Afrata beach is located 3.5km north of Kolymbari and 1km east of Afrata village, inside a well-protected calm bay. Local residents prefer the small, clean and serene Afrata beach, as it is sheltered from the winds that often blow in the area. The beach features pebbles and is known for the beautiful colours of its waters. On the beach there is a small canteen where you can buy food and drink, as well as umbrellas and tamarisk trees for shade.

Skoteini beach 13km

Skoteini (meaning Dark in greek) beach is one of the most secluded places in the island of Crete. It is formed at the exit of the Skoteini gorge and can be reached by walking through the canyon. The landscape around the gorge is beautiful in a wild way, with only a small amount of greenery in sight. If you take a walk through the gorge, you will encounter a couple of functioning wells, in order to satisfy your potential thirst, and many caves. Skoteini beach is a great place to take a swim, but only if the conditions are right, as the rocky seabed and often choppy sea can prove to be troublesome, in which case you should not put yourself in danger.

Menies beach & Diktinna Archeological site 15km
Accessible with a boat from Kolymbari or a Jeep

Menies beach is a secluded spot located 15 kilometers from Rodopos village. This beach is well known for its pebbles, deep crystal blue waters, and peaceful atmosphere. Menies beach is the perfect place to go for travelers who want to experience true isolation, far away from modern buildings or amenities. Menies beach is also home to the Diktinna Archeological site. This site contains ruins that date back to the Roman empire. To get to Menies beach, travelers can either drive down a long dirt road or take a small boat from Platanias harbor. Menies is known for the site of the ancient Diktynna, which was the most important temple of the goddess Vritomartis. The Cretan version of Artemis was worshipped here during Hellenistic and Roman times. Many worshippers would come from all over Crete to pay their respects. The road that connected the sanctuary to the town of Polirinia is still partially preserved today.


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